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Do u know cody doesn't remember u right?


Yeah ur right

I'm confused! Did Cody tel you he was taking you to prom or did you ask him and he hasn't replied yet?


He said he wants to!!!

you know cody has a girlfriend right!?? hes not gunna get with you


I don’t want to get with him lmao

Hi em, first of all, you do so much for cody it would be crazy of him not to go with you to prom. Second of all, you're so beautiful which would make it even crazier for him not to go, and thirdly, prom is a big night for you and if doesn't say yes I'll be so heartbroken. How can he say no after all you've done I don't understand, but anyway if he doesn't say yes, go and have a hella fun time. You're going to look so gorgeous and boys are gunna drool over you!! xo hope your day is going well :)


You’re so nice thank you so much!!! Yeah Idk man hopefully

What if cody is making it seem like he can't go, but really he's gonna surprise you with a limo and corsage the night of prom, how amazing would that be? And if not, I bet you he will make it up to you, for everything you have done for him the past couple of years. Don't lose hope babe! xoxo


I really want to think that because that would be insane and I would cry so hard hahahahaha but I don’t want to get my hopes up!! Hopefully :-P



Teens, 1950s
Teenagers Necking in car, 1954

I absolutely adore this photo

I personally think you did your best on trying to get Cody to be your prom date. Your determination and hard work is what matters. Although it does suck that he can't go, I'm sure you will have an amazing time! I'm basically in the same situation with not having a date or a fun prom group but honestly you don't need either. You're going to look fabulous and make everyone jealous. And just remember, all of this won't matter 10 years from now!


Thank you!!

I'll be your date to prom (:



Do you want any tattoos? If so what


I’m a baby I can’t even get shots hahaha. Maybe something on my wrist