Who knows, maybe cody will do for you what justin did for that girl. He couldn't take her to prom, but took her to an event and red carpet! Im sure Gigi wont mind if you step in one night (;


That would be so cool but there’s really no chance of that happening! Thank you though!

cody officially cant go to prom with you?):


Yeah it sucks but it’s understandable he lives across the country and is a celebrity my request was a little out of line but I always like to be a little insane. It just sucks because I really thought it was going to happen I just feel dumb

can't you return everything?



hello i think your life would be so much better and you would be happier if you just put some distance in your life and cody simpson lol honestly not cool that you are sad because he didnt go, you should have put time to make friends or be ok with yourself instead of investing time and energy and emotions on cody just saying youre pretty bye


Nope!! He makes me the happiest and I work my ass off for him I won’t stop until he’s where he deserves to be. And I have friends, they just don’t go to school with me.

Why dont you just go to prom with your brother and his friends?


My brother dropped out of school

Why wouldn't they Em? You seem like so much fun anyone would wanna take you!


Obviously not


Olivia Locher 
I Fought the Law
(In Alabama it is illegal to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at all times.)


Can't you go with friends from outside of school?


Yeah but I don’t think anyone wants to go

Why cant you go to prom Em:(


No I can I just don’t have a date or friends


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