wiblingen abbey library in ulm, germany
I’m so sad now :(

She literally invites fans over her house and radio djs and spends hours on Instagram reading what her fans say to her and replies the most heartfelt messages she’s truly how every person should act in the music industry. If everyone’s role model was as kind as taylorswift maybe our generation would be different

But it’s almost October which means 1989 which is really better than Christmas

taylorswift hi you’re my princess and all I care about at 1:08am

hows college I'm so nervous I won't be accepted anywhere


It fucking sucks it’s so much work! And don’t worry! Going to a community college your first year or two will save you thousands and you can play around with majors cheaper! Get all your gen eds done there and transfer for your major!!

What's your insecurities?


Lol I have really bad acne and I never want to leave the house bc of it


Old/New photo of Gigi Hadid by Darren Tieste.

I’m angry

Taylor swift is so nice and perfect she’s everything I want to be

When did u get your license?


Uh I got my permit the day before I turned 17, which is a year later in Pennsylvania. And I got my license that April.

does it bother you that taylor doesn't really acknowledge the fact that she's from pennsylvania, rather that she's from nashville?


Yeah kinda I wish she could come back here. But when I was at the giver premiere, I was walking in front of her and she was talking about how she’s from Pennsylvania and reading. It warmed my heart.